Digital marketing (adwords facebook + games and games newsletters, security):

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Your website already exists but its SEO declines?

We can synchronize diferent tools of digital marketing, and increase traffic, according to: different channels, different events of the year, and different buyer profiles.

Minimum subscription : 3 months. (so 1400$ or 2600$)

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300,00 € tax incl.

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Entrust your digital marketing to experts! We synchronize for you:

- 5 sources of visits, // 5 annual events, // 5 visitor profiles, // different contents

- a single monthly digital budget to be intelligently distributed.


This subscription includes:


▢ Multi-channel / e.commerce / free tools

-. google organic search: keywords, sitemap, meta-data ...

-. social networks, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube: 2 posts per week on your pages,

-. monthly statistics report, google maps,

-. security, anti-virus, updates, backups


▢ Multi-channel / e.commerce / pre-paid tools

-. management campaigns facebook (targeting, zone, optimization), quizzes

-. campaign newsletter and sms (300 000 addresses "fashion" option, )

-. adwords ad (google), remarketing, google shopping


▢ Digital press relations

-. blog (influencers) list of 20 blogs in your sector, creation of a press kit (5 pages) with ready-to-use articles

▢ Content creation (brand content)

-. Writing and translation of two posts per week (for facebook twitter and the newsletter),

-. Photo and video sessions during your events.

Example: for a budget of 400 $ / month, (pack "free tools") you will get 5000 visits 2500 $ of sales per month guaranteed (* if you have products sold for 50 $)

for a budget of 1950 $ / month, (complete pack + budget for ads), you get 20 to 30 000 visits and 15 to 20 000 $ of sales per month minimum *.
So 10 $ spent makes 100 !


Tip for a small business: instead of hiring a person 2500 $ / month plus charges, entrust us your digital marketing, it will cost you a quarter of the price !, and invest the difference in the advertising budget!

Compare with the rates of a competitor, who asks 3850 $/ month for the same thing:

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Result :+18% visitors in 3 mounth

(120 000 visitors with a budget of 5000$/mounth)

Result : zero to 4000 visitors per mounth (with a budget of zero $)


Our warranties :

- Authorized Google partner // validated expert for Google's natural and paid SEO

- Satisfied or refunded // if your site does not appear on Google or if it is not delivered in a month

- Activity report // personalised planning of the actions to be carried out, and each month, a statistical report.

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