You manage a brand in the US ?

Interested in the european market ? 


Your e.commerce website works very well, and you want to develop your own brand, as well as resellers, in europe ?

Open a shop is very expensive in Paris (if well placed), and you are looking for an alternative solution?

Your main problem to cross the border is : translation (in many languages for europe), and delivery rates (from where ou are). But we have a list of solutions !

I am
​freelance ​
consultant specialised in e.commerce and digital marketing. I've had customers at Who's next and premiere classe fashion week, and during my last
for a franchise network of 450 stores, I increased online sales by 20%.
​ !​

My assets? : I was a journalist
​for 4 years and ​
a graphic designer
​ for 8 years​
(for guerlain
​ and lancome​
among others),
​plus ​
 I realize myself, technically, what I advise.

Your guarantees: audit offered // approved google partner // satisfied or refunded // payment  monthly.

- entrust us with the graphic design, packaging, logo, catalog ...

- creation of the ecommerce website and digital marketing tools (4900$ + 900$ per mounth) + an advertising budget (example 1000$ per mounth)

- develop a network of resellers, with appropriate price and payment, and we'll send a package to potential resellers in Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Aix ... ...

- stock and shipment logistics at Viapost (La Poste group) (500 $ /month)

- marketplace synchronization (Amazon 24h, Cdiscount, Laredoute), (15% of sales)

- press relations : make previews, invite journalists! we'll create a press kit,


+ options :

- get showcases at Printemps / Galerie Lafayette / Bon Marché (1500 $ / month / showcase) (optional)

- for December, open pop-up store and Christmas market shop (Strasbourg, Paris, Cannes),  vendors included, (4000 $ per stand), (optional)

- professional trade shows (, including Who's next and Maison et objets (10 000 $ for 100 sqf) (optional)

This phase can take a couple of years, then see the "franchise page" .

>> Our guarantees

Accredited Google partner, // I'm very familiar with google referencing

Satisfied or refunded // if your site does not appear on google or if it is not delivered in one month

- Activity report // personalised planning of the actions to be carried out, and each month, a statistical report.


We can handle all of this, and more, for you. Contact us!